Bat Inspection Services

Before we talk about our Bat Inspection services, we should go over a little about bats…

Bats are a protected species so be careful when you hire someone to remove them.  Please, make it a wildlife professional.   The bat maternity season changes annually so every year professionals have to keep updated.  During this blackout period we must make sure there aren’t any flightless baby bats.  If we cannot get our eyes on the colony to confirm then we cannot remove them. It’s the law!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a bat flying around your home please click on our post on BATS INSIDE MY HOME to explore the options.


The bat inspection is a straight-forward process.  You may feel like you have a bat infestation, however, the number of bats does not change the price.  It is solely the amount of work required, meaning what we must seal, that determines the price of the bat exclusion work.

We figure out how the bats are getting in and what it will take to get them out, keep them out & clean up any guano (if necessary).  We block off enough time on our schedule to do the work.  After the inspection we give you the price to take care of the problem and if you approve we immediately get started on the process.

bat inspection team

Bat Inspection Considerations
Hiring Considerations

  1. Did they discuss the maternity season?  This can change every year and companies have to make sure they stay up to date every year.  Make sure they discuss the concerns.
  2. Make sure the company is licensed and specialized to deal with bats?  We have had to clean up so many nightmares when a handyman or roofer was hired to remedy the bat problem.
  3. Are they insured?  Never hire an uninsured contractor.  Also, we do not know this for certain but we heard if you loan someone your ladder and they fall it is your liability for having faulty equipment.  Supposedly, it is transferring the liability.
  4. Are they emphasizing the diseases and using fear tactics to get you to act now? Having bats in the attic is a common thing.  How many times have you heard of a family getting sick from bats in their attic.  To keep it real, none that I have heard of.  The reason for this is we do not live in the attic and nor do we typically breathe in the particulates from bat guano.   The bat removal process is straight-forward and methodical, we can get the bats out and prevent them from coming back.
  5. Does the company offer a warranty on their work? 
  6. We offer a –

    FREE 10-year warranty with LIFETIME renewal option.

The steps after the inspection is the bat removal, bat exclusion then bat guano clean-up.




Any questions give us a call!