After hosting a colony of bats, the next concern is bat guano removal or clean-up. First, I want to dispel what I feel is a fear tactic commonly used in our industry…


Bat guano does carry parasites and diseases; however, the reality is if it is a small amount it will dry out in a HOT attic killing off most harmful pathogens.  Generally the risk is with “prolonged exposure” which commonly occurs during the guano removal process. Hence, we use respirators & take safety measures to protect ourselves from breathing in the airborne particulates.

Oftentimes, insignificant amounts of guano in your attic carries no more risk to a healthy individual than normal everyday attic dust. Consequently, attic dust also contains silica, fiberglass and so many other respiratory irritants that cause attic cough.

Certainly, the internet can be a powerful tool; however, it can cause needless fear. There are websites alarmingly titled “bat guano carries 60 different human transmittable diseases”. It is worthy to mention that is referring to bats over the entire planet Earth, including third-world Countries where Ebola is even a concern, not just Georgia.

The most publicized health concern with bat guano is Histoplasmosis. According to the CDC, Histoplasmosis is a respiratory disease caused by a fungus that grows in bat guano and causes flu-like symptoms. Individuals who are immune compromised are at the highest risk of the fungal infection.

With that said, when there is a large amount of guano we do recommend removal and the immediate area sanitized. We use hospital grade sanitizers with deodorizers which kills most bacteria, viruses and helps remove the musty odor that comes with guano.

I hope this helped to put bat guano in perspective!


To be clear, the need for bat guano removal affects the area right underneath where the bats were roosting. However, it is pointless to remove the guano until the bats have been removed from the attic. If not, you will be paying for guano removal twice.

Obviously we would stand to make more money by suggesting an entire attic restoration. Statistically, the odds are in favor of the guano being a small job. We have shared some pictures of some of our guano removal jobs, including an unusual situation where guano was seeping out of outlets in the wall.

The other steps in the process is: Bat Exclusion & Bat Removal


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